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Portable Steam Washer – CompactO Steam

In 18 th century, the first industrial revolution began with harnessing the power of steam. Since then the mankind has embraced the steam power in many other modern era applications like steam engines, power plants, oil refineries etc. Other common daily applications of high pressured steam involves-
  • Killing viruses, bacteria, germs and bed bugs
  • Cleaning & sanitizing of surfaces and de-odorizing.
CompactO steam is an ideal solution and premium choice for both professional and domestic users. With its portable design, it can be used for cleaning and sanitizing of both heavy duty applications like- Automobiles, commercial kitchens, gyms & fitness centers, health care sector and even in domestic use like- home and carpet cleaning.

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Product Overview



  • Automobile – PV
  • Automobile – Two Wheelers
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Gym & Fitness Centre
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Home & Personal Segment
  • Education Institutes


  • Portable design- Light weight and easy maneuverability.
  • Cleaning with sanitization- High pressure and high temperature steam ensures complete cleaning along with sanitization
  • Multi-Purpose- With high efficiency/ heavy duty motor, it can used for both professional cleaning and domestic usage as well.
  • Anti-Scaling technology – Patented Anti-scaling technology ensures crystallization of minerals and hence no scale build-up inside the boiler tank. Thereby avoiding use of chemicals.
  • Less water consumption- Dry wash ensures minimum use of water and avoids drainage problems.
  • Dry wash- Eco friendly, no water wastage, no drainage issues.

Anti Scaling Therapy

What is Anti-scaling Technology?

CompactO steam chamber comes with a mineral crystallization chamber with powerful magnetically Charged “filter” inside. This filter converts the molecular structure of larger minerals found in tap water (like calcium), into smaller crystallized molecules.

How does Anti-scaling Technology work?

By crystallization the molecular structure, calcium and magnesium minerals are rendered smaller and lighter. This allows the minerals to float on the surface of the water in the tank rather than sink to the bottom as sediment. As such there is no scale build up in the machine. Steam containing crystalized minerals much like “Soft water” leaving no residue.

Why choose Anti-scaling Technology?

By adding the Anti-scaling technology to the already powerful operating steam pressure system.

We have created the leading professional chemical- free steam cleaning and sanitizing machines.