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Product Overview


THERMOKING PPR – FRP COMPOSITE Pipes are specially designed for various industrial needs. It is basically with innovative composite technology of plastic with extremely low thermal co- efficient fibre reinforcement. It will control the linear thermal expansion about 70%, so that PPR pipe line sagging is controlled.


  • Compressed air lines for Hot and Cold air
  • Chilled water application & air conditioning
  • Transportation of chemicals & aggressive fluids
  • Effluent treatment plants (ETP)
  • Ship buildings and swimming pools
  • Pharmaceuticals, food grade applications
  • Solar heaters, under floor heating
  • Vaccum Pipelines
  • R.O. Water Pipeline.


  • Low thermal conductivity. It require very thin insulation or no insulation when using chilled water & hot water / chemical applications.
  • High resistance to corrosion, Acids & Chlorides
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • High heat stability
  • High impact strength
  • High Environmental Stress Cracking Ratio (ESCR)
  • Very good welding property which ensure leak proof joints, energy savings
  • Smooth inner surface, less friction, no noise
  • Thermal expansion is controlled by 70%, line sagging is controlled
  • Hygienic and Non-Toxic Food Grade


S8.3 SDR17.5 PN06 * S5 SDR11 PN10 S4 SDR9 PN12.5 * S3.2 SDR7.4 PN16 S2.5 SDR PN20 S2 SDR5 PN25 *
63×3.6 mm 20×2.0mm 20x23mm 20×2.8mm 20×3.4mm 20x4mm
75×4.3mm 25×2.3mm 25×2.8mm 25×3.5mm 25×4.2mm 25x5mm
90×5.2mm 32×2.9mm 32×3.6mm 32×4.4mm 32×5.4mm 32×6.4mm
110×6.3mm 40×3.7mm 40×4.5mm 40×5.5mm 40×6.7mm 40x8mm
* 160×9.2mm 50×4.6mm 50×5.6mm 50×6.9mm 50×8.3mm 50x10mm
63×5.8mm 63×7.1mm 63×8.6mm 63×10.5mm 63×12.6mm
75×6.8mm 75×8.4mm 75×10.3mm 75×12.5mm 75x15mm
90×8.2mm 90×10.1mm 90×12.3mm 90×15.0mm 90x18mm
110×10.0mm 110×12.3mm 110×15.1mm 110×18.3mm 110x22mm
160×14.6mm 160×17.9mm 160×21.9mm 160×26.6mm 160x32mm
* Special request only