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ATS-ELGI Wheel Balancer Wheel Balancer-F7D-Digital Computerised

  • Brand : ATS-ELGI

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Product Overview


ATS ELGI F7D is a universal wheel balancing machine with excellent features and a solid structure. The user friendly F7D comes with a digital display and can balance both steel wheels as well as alloy wheels.


  • PCV wheels.
  • LCV wheels.
  • Motorcycle wheels (with optional adaptor).


  • VDD system for accurate and quick readings.
  • Optimization program for tyre and rim unbalance.
  • Automatic minimization of static unbalance.
  • Program options include STATIC, ALU S, SPLIT and USER control.
  • Self diagnosis and self calibration.


Balancing accuracy 1g
Cycle time 5 – 8 sec
Rim width 1.5” – 20”
Rim diameter 10” – 30”
Wheel diameter (max) 850mm
Wheel weight (max) 65 kg
Power supply 230V, 1ph, 50Hz
Protection class IP 54
Balancing speed <100 rpm