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ATS-ELGI Washing Hoist

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Product Overview


ATS ELGI is one of the leaders in hydraulic washing hoist segment. Our lifts can be used for washing and lubrication of all types of passenger and commercial vehicles. Models available: Fully hydraulic models with independent models with independent intermediate oil reservoir and semi – hydraulic models with self – hydraulic models with self – contained air/ oil reservoir.


  • Washing all types of passenger and commercial vehicles.


  • High grade steel plungers manufactured to close tolerance with hard chrome plating for high wear resistant. Also gives a clean good finish. Fiber-Reinforced plastic (FRP) coating for the outer cylinder protects it against corrosion.
  • Uniquely designed wiper rings to prevent entry of water and dirt particles into the hoist cylinder while raising, servicing and lowering.
  • Gland rings sued in the plungers to increase performance.
  • Heavy duty rigid ramps can accommodate a wide range of vehicles of varying size and type. No matter what the car, your ATS ELGI hoist can handle.


Parameters Fully Hydraulic Semi- Hydraulic
Model HS 00 040 HS 00 080 HP 00 040
Capacity 4 Ton 8 Ton 4 Ton
No. of posts 1 1 1
Plunger diameter 270 mm 320 mm 270 mm
Operating pressure 9 to 12 Kg/ cm2 12 to 16 Kg/ cm2 9 to 12 Kg/cm2
Lifting height 1500 mm 1525 mm 1500 mm
Ramp length (front) 4500 mm 5800 mm 4500 mm
Ramp width 700 mm 820 mm 700 mm
Oil fill capacity 210 Ltrs 260 Ltrs 170 Ltrs