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ATS – ELGI Spot Invertor Welder

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Product Overview


The global automotive aftermarket Body shops have now moved to the next generation inverter based spot welders which are needed to efficiently weld the new generation steel as these Inverter based spot welder have high welding power with low power consumption. These inverter based spot welders can also effectively weld the normal steels.


  • Suitable for all models of passenger cars , SUV and MPV
  • Supports new generation steels like Boron , AHSS , HSS , TRIP


  • Automatic Inverter Spot Welder – 12500 Amps
  • Water Cooled and electrode pressure 420 DaN
  • Automatic adjustment of welding parameters with OEM Data s/w
  • Provided with variety of extension arms for C-pliers to weld hard to reach areas
  • PC software for documentation and analysis of the spot weld data available
  • Dramatically increases Body shop load capacity since following most of Cut & replacement Jobs with OEM standards
  • Single side spot gun with welding accessories in a case
  • Shows % quality of Spot, either approved or rejected.


The ATS Elgi Edge – In Black & White
Input Voltage 3 Phase 440V
Welding Amperage 12500 Amp
Welding Cable length 2.5 M
Electrode Pressure – At 9.5 bars 420 DaN
Protection IP21
Cooling System Water Cooled
Dimensions 7110 x 3180 x 1270mm
Weight 169 Kg.