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ATS – ELGI Plasma Cutter

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Product Overview


A plasma metal cutting inverter power sources with high duty cycle combined with low weight & compact dimensions. It is equipped with PFP (Power Factor Correction) device to reduce and stabilise the power absorption. Thanks to the minimum cutting current of 5A, it is particularly suitable for cutting operations on thin sheets laid one on top of the other, particularly useful in car body works.


  • Pilot arc function to cut painted or coated metals
  • Microprocessor-controlled cutting parameters & functions
  • Cutting current is not affected by voltage fluctuations, by change of distance as well as by torch traveling speed
  • Electronic regulation of cutting current
  • Safety systems on the torch
  • Self restart Pilot function for net & grids cutting
  • Configuration at delivery including 4metre P35 torch and grounding cable


The ATS Elgi Edge – In Black & White
Mains Voltage 230V /50-60Hz
Absorbed Power 2.5 kW
Current Range 5÷30 A
Duty Cycle (10 min 40°C) 30A 28A 25A
45% 60% 100%
Cutting Thickness ( Steel) 7-10mm
Compressed Air Capacity 90 l/min
Compressed Air Pressure 3.5 bar
Protection Degree IP 23
Size(LxWxH) 400x180x410 mm