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ATS-ELGI Nitrogen Tyre Inflator Nitrogen Tyre Inflator (CAR)

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Product Overview


As we all know atmospheric air is made up of major part of nitrogen, considerable amount of oxygen and some other gases. When we fill our tyres with normal air, we inflate it with oxygen too. Oxygen which is a substance that due to the heat produced on the tyres when you apply break causes your tyre to burn from inside out slowly Which causes sogging and makes the tyre loose its shape and wear off easily. Nitrogen on the other hand avoids this.


  • Automatic Nitrogen tyre inflating systems
  • Generate Nitrogen by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)technique
  • Integrated storage tank for nitrogen gas
  • Integrated vacuum system for removing air out of tyre before inflating with nitrogen
  • High grade filter separation unit.
  • Nitrogen/Air dual filling system
  • In-built digital counter
  • Inlet & outlet pressure indicator