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ATS – ELGI Mig Welder

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Product Overview


MIG – MAG welders is also known as Metal Inert Gas welding or Metal arc gas welding. They use a continuously fed wire electrode to form an arc and to provide filler metal. A shielding gas is used to shield the weld from atmospheric contamination and oxidation. This type of welding find its application to butt body parts together.


  • Welding of cut open body panels – either replacement or reworking.
  • Parts can be butt together.
  • Spot welding on areas where regular spot welder arms cannot be reached.


  • Wire feeder and cylinder stand are in-built.
  • Easily portable.
  • Top quality torch for perfect finish


The ATS ELGI Edge – In Black & White
Power supply 415 V / 3Ph / 50Hz
Welding current range 15 to 220 A
Duty cycle at 35% 170 A
Wire size Solid 0.6 /0.8 (1) Cored 0.9 mm
Wire feeder In-built